Excellent Exchangers

Excellent Exchangers is a subsidiary of TORAMU LTD - RC 1434908. We are the fastest growing and highly innovative digital currency exchange in Nigeria.  Our mission is to become Nigeria's #1 platform for convenient cryptocurrencies exchange where people can easily buy/sell, exchange and profit from cryptocurrencies. .. read more

Why Choose Us

Don't just take our words for it, take a chance with us and tell the difference.


Safe and Secure

We provide a secure and efficient means of exchanging crytocurrencies. We try always to stay up to date with trends in the ecosystem to serve you better.


Convenient Payment

With our dedicated payment USD code, making payment has never been easier. Now you can pay from any bank from any phone just by dialing our dedicated code.


Referral Bonuses

We appreciate and reward your patronage through referral commissions. Simply refer your friends and get paid a commission on their purchases.

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How To Get Started

It is very easy to get started, in just three steps you are off buying and selling the crypto of your choice

Create An Account

You obviously would have to get an account to enable you login to your back office.

Select A Crypto

At your back office your can begin by selecting a cryptocurrency of your choice and get on with buying or selling.

Buy Or Sell

We have the best rate to buy cryptocurrencies or sell just get in your back office!

  • Get $1 worth of Ethereum for ₦380 Buy Now
  • Get $1 worth of Bitcoin for ₦373 Buy Now
  • Sell $1 worth of Ethereum for ₦340 Sell Now
  • Sell $1 worth of Bitcoin for ₦353 Sell Now